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Ulrich Stadter, 
yoga teacher, musician, music therapist tested and collected by
Pravesh (Ulrich Stadter)
Yoga teacher, musician

Hello, this is Pravesh from Bavaria.
I was born in Karlsruhe at Northern Black Forest in Southern Germany - near the border to France.

To earn my living, I am mainly performing as what we call in Bavaria an Alleinunterhalter,
that means some entertainment-musician or music-entertainer
for events such as family celebrations (birthdays, weddings) and also company-celebrations.

I have got some education as an Yoga-teacher, too.

To me, this seems to be some good combination. Because health (which you learn to keep up for instance by exercises arousing from the old science of Yoga), is important to everybody.

It doesn't matter if you are a housewife, or a manager, or a music-entertainer
- health is something that our several efficiencies depend upon.

Health surely is not all, but it is worth more than any money, because nobody can buy health or one minute more lifetime by all the money of this world, if God once says: "Game over now."

Quite especially important is the health of the respiratory system to people whose income depends on the proper function of their singing voice, as it is to me as a singer and music entertainer.

For that reason, over years and years as some nighttime-working live musician I developed my own wellness-science which I call 'Yoga know how'
and which helps me to keep up and reestablish some wonderfully healthy condition of the body even during winter time (which in our country is often full of flu epidemics) and in spite of doing nighttime-work such as, for instance, live music performances - it could be any other job.

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