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No-cost health tips

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Effective natural health knowledge, applicably for almost everybody

Ulrich Stadter, 
yoga teacher, music therapist, musician 
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tested and collected by
Ulrich Stadter,
Yoga teacher, musician, expert in optimizing natural healing methods

"Thanks to God and to my teachers who inspired me to find out these truths!" ...

'Yoga Know How' - what's that?

Article on health by Ulrich Stadter

It is a special combination of different natural methods for gaining and preserving basic health, which have been found out and collected during many years of my work as an Yoga-teacher and also live musician in Southern Germany.

These methods come out of different ages and countries. I have not invented them, but put them into a new, unique combination that is ideal to be used by the modern 'civilized' human, who might have not the time to practice whole-days-taking processes.

Dear reader,
if you belong to that kind of persons who are always healthy 'like a pumpkin', then maybe you won't be too interested in the following informations.

However, if you want to know some incredibly effective alternative methods to help your body in curing itself from different kinds of even bad diseases,

read on, please ...

The author of this site does not take responsibility for any risks or side-effects that may arise by visiting the following links or links that lead further.

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