Ulrich Stadter 
Yoga teacher, wellness trainer, musician

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Ulrich Stadter
works in Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as a live music entertainer, music teacher and is also an qualified Yoga teacher, and wellness trainer.

Sometimes, the author, Yoga-practitioner, and music solo entertainer has been asked questions somehow like this:
"How does it fit together - yoga AND music? How is it possible to combine those both in one's life? Why isn't it absolutely impossible to do so?"

Well, the answer of the author, musician and wellness-trainer is simply, that this questions never arose in his own mind. They only have been asked to him by others.

It was some natural, organic consequence of being interested in good music and in one's own health. So basically, there might not be too much difference compared with other people.

But, since the author, music-entertainer and wellness trainer surely is not the only person in the world who is interested in his own health and also in good music
- why then is not nearly everybody a musician and a yogi?

Should the author close this chapter, just letting stand this question of his own to the rest of the world?
Maybe no, because since that could happen to be not too useful for some persons who read this. Trying to get to the point:

The author, wellness-trainer and music-entertainer in his life always had some inner tendency to understand things.
If somebody gave him some advice, for instance, he was never satisfied (and most of the time did not execute it) until he understood the real 'Why' and what was the deeper - maybe unvisible - sense and meaning of it.

To understand functionalities and coherences
- in nature and human consciousness and health as well as in technical things -
then to think over them carefully
and then to try to apply them in order to improve the allround-quality of one's life and, if possible, also the lives of others

- those were the unwritten principles in the life of the author, yoga-practitioner, and music entertainer, the application of which made his professional life what it is.

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