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Watch Ulrich Stadter's kelstone-contest-video showing the musician playing different string instruments in tapped style!

This website contains several web-links to video-clips which are correlated with music, nature, health, and entertainment.

Alleinunterhalter-Musikvideos with Livemusic-entertainer Ulrich Stadter ...

By the web-link shown above, which leads to some demonstration-videoclips of the music-entertainer Ulrich Stadter, who is offering his musical service for b2b-events as well as for family celebrations and company celebrations,
you can gain some quite realistic impression of the way the musician is playing his music at his live-performances.

Concentration exercise - Musik-Video mit Konzentrationsübung

(Dauer 1:36 Min.)

Internet-Onlineshop ...

Music-entertainer, Alleinunterhalter in Augsburg ...

Accordionist in Karlsruhe and Heidelberg ...

Relaxation is as important for living beings as action is. Wild animals in nature may sometimes break speed-records (the falcon, for instance), but afterwards or maybe even most of the time it has to sit quiet and 'let the sun shine on itself'.

Read some three-language article about relaxation ...

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