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L isten to some free downloadable MP3-demo-records,

which have been played live: without multitrack recording, without manipulation of speed or tone-pitch, etc.!
The only afterward-editing had been consisting in cutting the music-pieces in their length.

Some of the songs have been recorded during live gigs - by not very special technical means. So the sound-quality maybe not always be able to fit high-fidelity-used ears.
Still the examples can show how the musician is playing live.

Due to reasons of copyright, the music of the demonstration-records consists in own compositions and improvisations of the musician himself only.
At his live-gigs, however, music-entertainer Ulrich Stadter plays worldwide-known music.

Dinner music






Dance music
Vienna Waltz

Mozambique / Samba

Mainstream Rock



Piano:  1 ,  2 ,  3 

Acoustic Guitar:  1 ,  2 

Saxophone:  1 ,  2 

Electric Guitar:  1 ,  2 

More Records (Barpiano)
The following records were made by a MP3-player with built-in microphone, lying on the floor besides the piano - recorded in summer 2006 at the opening of a big furniture house near Munich.

Swing:  1 

Ragtime:  1   2 

Latin:  1 

Romantic:  1 ,  2 ,  3 

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