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Alleinunterhalter, Live-musician, music-entertainer Pravesh (Ulrich Stadter)

Ulrich Stadter, music-entertainer, artist, Alleinunterhalter P ravesh

was born as Ulrich Stadter in Karlsruhe, Northern Black Forest, Southern Germany, near the border to France.

He started playing pianoforte at the age of seven. Both of his parents yet played the Piano well.

After the basic school, he visited the musisches Gymnasium in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria.

Together with some school-friends, he founded a little music-band playing Beatles-songs and own compositions.

The young music-fan wasn't yet that interested in specialization for only one musical instrument. He loved studying acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, drums, pipe organ, bluesharp, brass instruments, Turkish saz, and later on Djembe, Indian Surbahar, and the Western banjo as well.

Most of the times, the music-entertainer 'in spe' used to also sing along with playing those instruments.

His father once wrote into a photo-album besides the picture of some mandoline-of-his-grandfather-playing teenager: "Ulrich no musical instrument is secure of."

During the following years the young musician spent much of his free (or actually even not free) time rehearsing live music in different music-formations which performed very different kinds of music, respectively

In 1990, while some years "out of Rosenheim", the artist played his debut-gig as a payed-for solo-music-entertainer at some birthday-party, while earning his living mainly as a keyboard-music-teacher at some private music school in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, Baden Wuerttemberg, Southern Germany.

From then on, the barpianist, singer and keyboarder played live music at hundreds of events, such as birthdays, weddings, firm presentations, company-celebrations, sales-meetings, fairs, ...

... around
The musician also often performed livemusic in some musicduo-formations, together with either a saxophone-player or a female singer. Still, most of his engagements he got as a solo entertainer.

Ulrich Stadter's way of combining piano- and keyboard-entertainment with singing, and of lively playing several kinds of music which are mostly offered by three- or four-headed music-ensembles, can probably be spoken of as unique.

Enjoy it! ...

Many years ago, in his childhood spent at the margin of the beautiful nature park of Northern Black Forest, the coming Music-Entertainer first began to spend his free time writing funny stories - long before he began to learn music.
For that sake, the young artist used the fresh-discovered type-writer in the bureau-room of his father.

When he was about six or seven years old, his parents allowed him to visit some piano-lessons in his home village.

Later on, when the family had moved into Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, the young musician visited some kind of upper school where arts, music and the playing of a musical instrument were a main subject.

At that time, rehearsing for regular musical sessions with some school-friends, he trained himself in playing on the piano some base-voices with the left hand, chords with the right hand and singing along with that altogether.

By these exercises, he laid some important technical fundament for the way he does his performances nowadays as a live music entertainer.

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