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Alleinunterhalter, Live-musician, music-artist, entertainer

Music Entertainer Videoclips

W atch some free downloadable, short music-video-clips,

which have been filmed in 2007 during some live-events!

The downstanding links 'fetch' the videos from Ulrich Stadter's German-language music-entertainment-website,

Looking at them, you most probably will see that the musician is really playing live.

Due to reasons of copyright, the music of the demonstration-videos consists in live-improvisations which the musician often plays inbetween some chorusses of the commonly-known music performed at his live-events.

Dinner music
Piano-sound and Swing-walking-bass

Boogie-Woogie piano-solo

Piano- and fretless-bass-sound, voice

Acoustic guitar-sound, Caribbean Tumbao-bass

Dance music
Saxophone-sound-solo on keyboard

E-guitar-sound-solo on keyboard

Hear also some Acoustic Demos ...

A more complete list of demonstration-videos of the music-entertainer you can find at the musician's German-language Music-Video-Website
or, if you understand some more German language, you can also visit the German main page of the »Alleinunterhalter«.

Moreover, you can find there some feedbacks of customers, some explanations about what exactly the music-entertainer considers as real live music and also some appointment calendar of the artist, by which you can see easily if at some date the musician is still free or not.

This page of the Livepianomusic-Alleinunterhalter-website was updated in August 2016 .

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