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'Directory' - possible word-origins:
Latin rectus, directus 'straight'
Sanscrit rijuuH



'Directory' - possible word-interpretations:
·  Something with a straight line
·  Something that helps to decide direction.

Sanscrit is a very old language. Many terms in other languages are derived from Sanscrit, for instance terms in Latin and therefore also in languages which are in turn derived from Latin.

The author and music-entertainer has undergone an education in the old science of Yoga, too. Along with that, he had to deal with the language of Sanscrit.

By this occasion, the author and music entertainer found out, that there are many relations of several words which he had learned in school in the subject of Latin language and derived languages to words of the Sanscrit language.

Still, the author and music entertainer cannot guarantee that the above-mentioned Sanscrit words 'rijuuH' and 'rekhaa' can really be considered as some roots of the term 'directory'.
It's just some idea ...

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