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If you want to get more informations about the musician's availability for some appointment, his conditions etc., then you are welcome to do a non-binding request - in English or German.

Also Spanish language is appreciated - it may, however, take a little longer till the answer comes ...
"... porque Ulrich Stadter sabe hablar Español tambien, pero solo un poco."

c/o:   Ulrich Stadter


Contact form ...

Music-entertainer for events in Germany, Switzerland, France
Music-entertainer Ulrich Stadter's gross   spheres of activity   are:

Germany -
Northern Switzerland -
Eastern France - Strasbourg, Mulhouse .

There is some special contact application form, which has been created by the musician himself as a webmaster.

At the moment, it is only available in German language. But still, if you understand a little German, it may help you to start some request to the music-entertainer without having to type all the words by your own, because there are some helpful and time-saving input-presuggestions, which you can insert into your inquiry text by just clicking the respective button.

Of course, the »Alleinunterhalter« is on tour sometimes and so he may not get your message immediately. But when the music-entertainer will have been returned home again, he will answer to you as soon as possible.

To get some pre-information about the theme if the artist is free at the respective date for your event, before you start an inquiry, you may first take a look at the appointment calendar of the music-entertainer, so that your request will not be in vain.

This page of the Livepianomusic-Alleinunterhalter-website was updated in March 2018 .

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