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Event-musician Pravesh (Ulrich Stadter)

piano-player, singer, keyboarder Pravesh (Ulrich Stadter)

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Question: Does the musician Pravesh also play commonly-known music-hits?
Answer: Yes. During his live-performances the musician Ulrich Stadter plays worldwide-known music exclusively.
Due to legal reasons, the demo-records consist of the musician's own compositions and improvisations only. Still they should give enough stylistic impressions of how he is playing in public.

Question: Is the music-entertainer able to play also danceable music such as Cha Cha, Tango, English Waltz, etc.?
Answer: Yes, if dance music is appreciated. It depends on the respective character of the event.

Question: Does Ulrich Stadter have also German Schlager or so-called volkstümliche Musik in his music program?
Answer: No.

Question: Why do some of the demo-records sound like old records?
Answer: Some of them are records with a simple mp3-recorder which just lied on the floor besides the piano during some live-gigs - for instance in 2006 at the opening of a big furniture-house in Eching / Munich.
While the records have been edited afterwards, some digital distortions were tried to be removed, but still some rests of the distortions could not be removed wholly.
So they can be heard as some clicking noises in the records.

Question: Are the demos really played lively?
Answer: Yes. The records have been played and sung in realtime, everything at a stretch, without multitrack-tricks. They have, however, been cut in length afterwards.
Tone-height, speed, rhythm etc. haven't been changed in any way.

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