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The conditions for Pravesh's performance of a "spiritual" livemusic-program are the same as for the "normal" secular dance music and cocktailmusic.

The actual fee is for each hour of attendance (from the first played tone to the last):


For devotees of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda it is on donation basis.

The only costs that are added are the travel costs as follows.

In case you don't know the distance from the dwelling place of the musician
(German Post code number , near Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, Germany, planet Earth)
upto your place of event, then you may calculate it for example with the Google route planner.
After clicking the above link to the route planner, there insert the postcode (zipcode) or/and name of your place of event and then press [Enter]!

If you know the distance, you can insert the one-way number of kilometers here down in the left input mask and then press the [Klick!]-Button Then in the right mask some respective preliminary cost estimate in Euros should* appear.
* Eventually the calculation tool doesn't function equally in all browsers. In that case, you may calculate 32.40 per each 100 km of the one-way. So you don't have to double the kilometers, for the way back is already included.

← km?

The driving costs are all in all, means the travel there and back inclusive.
The travel costs shown on this page relate to the case that the place of your event is reachable on the landway within due time. For other locations, other options may be considered.

If the musician's travelling, gig and way back takes more than 24 hours, some simple option for staying overnight is appreciated, it is not a must.