Conditions For Livemusic With Pravesh

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The conditions for Pravesh's performance of a "spiritual" livemusic-program are the same as for the "normal" secular dance music and cocktailmusic.

The actual fee is for each hour of attendance (from the first played tone to the last):


The only costs that are added are the driving costs:

In case you don't know the distance from the dwelling place of the musician
(German Post code number )
upto your place of event, then you may calculate it for example with the Google route planner Simply insert there the postcode (zipcode) or/and name of your place of event and then press [Enter]!

If you know the distance, you can insert the one-way number of kilometers here down in the left input mask and then press the [Klick!]-Button Then in the right mask some respective preliminary cost estimate in Euros should* appear.
* (Eventually the calculation tool doesn't function equally in all browsers.)

← km?

The driving costs are all in all, means journey there and back.